Haha...Trick or Treat?

Dear students,
You're invited to a Halloween party. Join us for the fun festival with games, treats and more. To have an authentic Halloween experience, you can dress up as a cute animal, your favorite character, or a fantasy creature. There will be a costume contest with prizes awarded for the silliest costume, the most creative costume and the most scary costume. We look forward to celebrating with you! 
Halloween Party Is On!
为了在Halloween Fancy Dress Competition(万圣节化装比赛)中脱颖而出,一群身着奇装异服的小伙伴纷纷粉墨登场:有“小魔仙”、“魔法师”、“美国队长”,就连黑巫师“伏地魔”也来凑热闹了……
Trick or Treat?
万众期待的游戏环节正式开始!在Mummy Wrappin(缠木乃伊)、Pin The Skeleton(组装骷髅)、Witch Race(巫师赛跑)、Chase The Spider(赶蜘蛛)等游戏“小迷局”中,孩子们一起说英语、玩游戏,十分热闹!